Three Specialized Service Areas

It can be difficult to find someone working in or around the Naples area that has the training and experience to help you with your needs. I have the education, background and experience that allows me to be a cognizant psychologist – someone that is trained to offer psychological services in assessment, treatment and forensics. Specialty areas are described below.

Evaluations, assessments, testing, psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, and psycho-educational testing and screenings are often used interchangeably and can mean a variety of things to those seeking answers. There are many reasons why an individual would require testing, let this office help you decide whether testing is needed and what type of evaluation would best suite your needs. Since I am bilingual, all services that I provide are in both English and Spanish.

The working within the legal system requires a specialized skill set.  An objective and trained psychologist that is knowledgeable of the intersection of psychology and the law may help inform the process through a psychological examination.  I provide both Court-ordered and attorney-referred forensic evaluations for legal proceedings and military justice hearing.

When a catastrophic problem presents, there can be solutions that have gone unexplored because of the sheer magnitude of the event. In psychotherapy the goal is to work to move from a position of pain and distress to gain relief and learn coping strategies to manage life events. From anxiety to depression, ADHD to marriage counseling and more, solutions are available in the Naples area.

Many times the factors which trigger you to seek therapy may only be the surface issues. It is only after you start counseling that the depth and complexity of the problem manifests itself. Exploring what is troubling you with the goal of taking steps to address the issues is where the therapy starts. A way to regain control of your life may be to consider counseling. If you would like help as you start on that process, consider contacting this office for support.

Contact Me Today About My Services

You can learn more about the services I provide by navigating to the specific pages of this website. If there is a particular area that you do not see mentioned here, please call the office for assistance. We will try to refer you in the right direction to have your question answered. If you are in need of  an evaluation, testing, or forensic services, contact the office.

If you need services in Naples, Florida and would like to learn more about services provided, call today at (239) 434-2425, or fill out the form on the contact page.