Psycho-educational Testing


Psycho-educational testing is an underutilized tool within the academic world. There are now countless tests that can be completed to evaluate the educational functioning of both children and adults. As with all testing, I take psycho-educational testing quite seriously and offer in-depth comprehensive evaluations. A child’s academic future can be greatly impacted by the results of these tests, such as qualifying for a gifted program or establishing an Independent Education Plan (IEP) for students who need additional help, academically. Those that live in Naples and want to discuss psycho-educational testing may benefit from calling the office to find out more.

What is Psycho-educational Testing?

Psycho-educational testing, sometimes referred to as I.Q., gifted or LD (Learning Disorder) testing is a series of evaluative tools that are primarily designed to gauge cognitive functioning as it relates to learning and education. While most often used on children, the testing methods can be used in both children and adults, for information on:

  • Gifted Abilities – Children that may qualify for enhanced academic programming, such as “gifted” programs and schools, can be assessed with standardized measures. These tests provide children and educators with a snapshot in time of what a child may be capable of and whether or not they can met the challenges of gifted programs. Parents that believe their children may qualify for these enhanced programs may want baseline measures of abilities.
  • Educational Functioning – On the other end of the spectrum, parents of students that are struggling in school or may show signs of a learning disorder can be tested on their own learning type. Testing can be completed for to assess for learning disorders (i.e., reading disorder, math disorder, etc.,), Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and more. These tests can help parents, and educators alike, address problems early so as to encourage student success.
  • Adult Testing – While psycho-educational testing has been traditionally associated with children, many adults may benefit from testing as well. In some cases, these tests can be used for later in life evaluations, as well as career assessments, and more.

Psycho-educational testing is not only used by individuals, but also by companies looking to evaluate competencies in potential applicants and by those in the military.

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Psycho-educational assessments are best left in the hands of trained experts. I have offered these types of evaluative tools since 1988, and can provide this type of testing in both English and Spanish.

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