Marriage Counseling


Even the best relationships can run into problems. When you spend every day with someone, it’s not uncommon to develop habits and frustrations that grow over time which can start to drive you apart. When you find that your relationship needs help, contacting a marriage counselor is a smart choice.

Improving Relationship Communication

Marriage counseling is designed to provide you with a trained, unbiased third party that can help you improve your communication and bring out some of the issues that you’ve been holding back. My goal as a marriage counselor is to open up those doors to help you communicate better, while providing you with the tools that your relationship needs to heal. I offer marriage counseling in Naples, FL in both English and Spanish.

Far too often those in committed relationships find themselves arguing about whom is right and who is wrong, and when someone does make a mistake, that mistake can become a tremendous barrier that may be difficult to overcome on your own. One partner gets defensive, the other partner tries to “win,” and in the end both lose. Many couples also find themselves afraid of their partner’s emotions and anger, feeling as though they are walking on eggshells each and every day.

The longer the two of you suffer, the more you start to drive a wedge in your relationship that can be difficult to overcome. If you’re one of those couples that are looking to rebuild your marriage, contact me today.

Developing a Safe Space

I have worked as a bilingual marriage counselor in Naples since 2005, and I have helped many couples rebuild their relationship. It is my goal as a relationship therapist to help your relationship grow, and provide you with a space that is:

  • Free of judgment.
  • Fair to both parties.
  • Designed to openly work through your problems.

My training has taught me how to safely discuss and promote active listening, promote healthier communication strategies and methods of rebuilding trust for both parties. If both parties are receptive growth can occur. My goal is to help you work through your issues and reinvigorate your relationship.

Contact Me Today to Get Started

Far too many people “wait until it’s too late” to start marriage counseling. Once you have elected to make every effort to save your marriage, help is available. If you are looking for marriage counseling in Naples, you can start rebuilding your relationship through therapy.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please complete the appointment form or call the office at (239) 434-2425.