Work Stress and Employment Difficulties

Not long ago, workplace stress was considered the norm. It was expected as part of day-to-day life that if you work, you had stress. Today, we know that stress can be extremely damaging to your emotional and physical health. Some believe that it is as great a health hazard as exposures to toxins. In addition, workplace stress increases especially when there is:

  • Inactivity within the workplace.
  • Expectations about money and production.
  • Personal accountability and status changes.

Right now, even with the technologies afforded to us, we live in a much more stressful work environment. Since we also know that stress can be harmful to your long term health, treating workplace stress and employment difficulties becomes an important part of living a successful and healthy life.

Naples Stress Counseling

I work as a stress counselor and I am pleased to offer stress therapy services along with employment counseling and guidance. These are two separate types of counseling that can be very helpful in showing you how to regain more control over your life and cope with the struggles of the workplace.

  • Workplace Stress Counseling – Those that deal with tremendous pressure, whether it is from running a company or struggling with a toxic work environment, can benefit from stress counseling. You can learn skills and strategies to better cope with stress.
  • Employment Difficulties – Similarly, those that are struggling with finding work or those that have lost passion for their work and are looking for a career change can benefit from career counseling. Support is available to help you steer yourself towards reaching your career goals.

Therapy has traditionally been used to treat psychological conditions, to assist those struggling with mental health issues towards recovery. But given what we now know about stress and the incredible impact that it can have on the mind and body, there is simply no denying that daily stresses are something that need to be dealt with for an individual to have a more fulfilling life.

So if you are someone that is struggling with workplace stress or anxiety and you are looking for some way to control your stress, call for a consultation today.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please complete the appointment form or call the office at (239) 434-2425.